It is obtained by multilayer coextrusion of a blend of technopolymers: Polycarbonate and ABS (PC+ABS) with a surface layer of a PVDF fluorinated polymer.

Colors can be chosen by the customer in a wide range of colors or to any sample submitted to our Lab.

IMPA has contributed to develop and patent this product, specifically designed to offer the highest chemical and mechanical resistance within IMPA’s product range.

Impaflon offers better technical qualities than each single material may provide. The outstanding impact and chemical resistance makes it the ideal choice for applications where anti graffiti treatment is required or aggressive cleaning agents are used.

It is also possible to order Impaflon AE, with improved characteristics than those under the European legislation on self-extinguishing.

Features, finishes and treatments available:

  • PC-ABS blend: automotive, building construction;
  • PC-ABS blend, self-extinguishing: V0 – V1 – V2 (according to UL94 regulations): public transport;
  • ABS: industrial transport, building construction;

Technical notes

Please contact our technical team to discuss the possibility to combine finishes and treatments.

This product is available in the MM smooth finish and in our D emboss.

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Available in a range of thicknesses from 2 mm to 7 mm and width from 500 to 1850 mm.

This product is available in the following embosses:

Reclaimed Impaflon

Reclaimed Impaflon: the percentage of ABS or of reclaimed PC/ABS blend may vary according to customers’ requirements.

It is coextruded with a surface layer of virgin material, in order to maintain the high chemical resistance.

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