It is obtained by multilayer coextrusion of a blend of technopolymers: polycarbonate and ABS (PC+ABS).

Available in pastel colours, or to any sample submitted to our Lab.

Specifically designed to offer the highest impact resistance within IMPA’s product range.

Impablend-PC offers better technical qualities than each single material may provide. The outstanding impact resistance makes it the ideal choice for applications far below 0°C.

It is also possible to order Impablend-PC AE, with improved standards than those under the European legislation on self-extinguising. It is also suitable for public transport, such as rail transport.

Features, finishes and treatments available:

  • Standard: automotive, agricultural and construction vehicles;
  • Self-extinguishing: V-0 (rif UL94): public and rail transport;

Technical notes

Please contact our technical team to discuss the possibility to combine finishes and treatments.

This product is available in the MM smooth finish and in our D emboss.

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Available in a range of thicknesses from 2 mm to 7 mm and width from 500 to 1800 mm.

This product is available in the following embosses:

Reclaimed Impablend

Reclaimed Impablend: the percentage of reclaimed PC/ABS blend on the lower layer may vary according to customers’ requirements.

More information?

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