It is obtained by single-layer or multi-layer extrusion of a blend formed by polystyrene and polyethylene: PS/PE.

A technical product, with good mechanical and impact resistance properties. Colours can be chosen by the customer referring to the RAL and Pantone books, or to any colour sample submitted to our Lab.

This blend offers a stronger resistance against impact and chemicals. PE improves UV protection treatment and considerably reduces hygroscopicity.

Features, finishes and treatments available:

  • Standard: technical packaging;
  • UV Resistant: technical packaging;
  • Two colors or 15 cm stripes of different colors: technical packaging;

Technical notes

Please contact our technical team to discuss the possibility to combine finishes and treatments.

The Corona treatment (TC) is available on this product.

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Available in a range of thicknesses from 1.2 mm to 8 mm (2 mm to 8 mm is suggested for thermoforming) and width from 500 to 1850 mm.

This product is available in the MM smooth finish and in our 6 different embosses

Reclaimed Impablend

Reclaimed Impablend: the percentage of reclaimed PS/PE blend may vary according to customers’ requirements.

More information?

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