IMPA produces a range of coextruded laminates suited for technical packaging and trays. Typical applications are: Industrial tool boxes, Horticulture, Food containers, Technical containers, Handling trays in manufacturing facilities, Packaging for electronic devices, One-way containers.

IMPA offers broad-ranging customisable solutions, thanks to the wide range of finishes and treatments: glossy, matt, embossed surfaces provided with full and metallised colours.

The products are closely monitored by our quality control staff, with a process of quality in compliance with ISO9001:2015 standards. IMPA offers custom-made packaging to meet even the most demanding customers’ requirements.

50 years of experience in the business and long-lasting partnerships with customers make IMPA leader in the sector and the ideal supplier for this application, assisting customers with the design, thermoforming and after-sales service.

IMPA’s plastic laminates are designed to offer outstanding performances, highly aesthetic finishes and cost-effective solutions. The thermoformed laminates are already coloured, avoiding the painting process, the related solvents, volatile matter and greenhouse gas emissions that cause environmental damages. In our products we use totally recycled, “green” plastic material made by our company, in compliance with the ISO 14001 standards.

Industrial tool boxes, Containers

Key products and typical applications are described in the following table:


Key products and typical applications are described in the following table: