MECSPE is the reference fair for the manufacturing industry.

The synergy of 12 thematic Halls offers visitor a complete overview of materials, machines and innovative technologies. The exhibition represents the Italian way to Industry 4.0 thanks to innovative initiatives like Digital Factory beyond Automation©.

MECSPE is the meeting point for production technologies and industrial supply chains, thanks to the synergy of the thematic Halls that take place at the same time and the innovative concept of exhibition with thematic quarters, Excellence Squares and Workshop areas.

Plastic material world is back to MECSPE at Eurostampi, machines and Plastic subcontracting. The Show is dedicated to the entire plastic supplying chain and focuses on the variety of plastic manufacturing processes like molding, thermoforming, blow molding, extrusion, serigraphy and painting.

IMPA is proud to present its laminates and innovative products at the Planning and Design Square, at Pavilion 6 F25, as a Materioteca®’s guest.

Materioteca® is cooperating for the 6th consecutive year with MECSPE and during the event will give life to the Planning and Design Square, that in 2015 will bravely storm into the Art, the art with a capital A.

When the enchantment of art meets the magic of life, incarnated into plastic biomaterials, the result is an enchanted world that liquefies and then solidifies into evocative and seductive shapes.

Pure creativity, caught while passing through that fluid transfer point between the traditional techniques and the new magic stick at the artists’ disposal: thermoforming and 3D printing.
Through the Planning and Design Square, “Materioteca® aims to incite the creativity of the design world with innovative materials and artifacts to leave new ideas and hope for a peacefully mature future” explains Diana Castiglione, Materioteca®‘s director.